About Anymats

Anymats produces and make applications modular and rolling rubber that the developing world needs.

Anymats produces safe and comfortable grounds, particularly for indoor and outdoor sports fields, walkways, kids' playgrounds, overpasses, fields for periodic events, and animal shelters. Anymats perform service more than 60 countries of the world with its own modular products that provide a great convenience in the installation.

Anymats produces its own products in accordance with international norms. Also, its international brand value is increasing every passing day thanks to the solutions it has produced for competitive and special needs.


Application Areas

  • Kids' playgrounds
  • Walking areas
  • Fitness halls
  • Outdoor and indoor sports fields
  • Overpasses
  • Animal mattress
  • Areas where anti-slip is required
  • Housing and workplaces
  • Walkway Floor Application
  • Animal Mattress Application
  • Rubber Floor Application
  • Modular Rubber Application
  • Animal Shelter Floor Application
  • Rubber Tile Floor Application
  • School Terrace Rubber Floor Application
  • Rubber Floor Application

Anymats Products

We produce solutions that bring results to our global business partners with the principle of the highest quality products and services.

  • Roll Rubber
    Roll Rubber

    It is preferred on sports grounds. It is very easy to install.

  • Modular Rubber
    Modular Rubber

    It is used in kids' playgrounds and walking areas. It is a safe and long life.

  • Animal Mattress
    Animal Mattress

    Anymats animal mattresses are the most preferred in bovine animal habitats.


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