About iFence

iFence produces wire fence, panel fence and sound barriers for security and decorative purposes that our rapidly industrializing world needs.

iFence protects the environment of particularly residential areas, parks and gardens, sports facilities, factories, airports, highways, rail transport, overpasses, high-security areas and many other areas that we are not able to count. İfence brings an aesthetic appearance as well to the application areas with its unique design conception.

iFence manufactures its products with its R&D and superior production capabilities to the climatic conditions of the target market. Thanks to iFence high technology laboratory, all products are rigorously tested during and after the manufacturing.


Application Areas

  • Gardens
  • Highways
  • Parks
  • Housing and workplace environments
  • Overpasses
  • Airports
  • High-security areas
  • Sports fields
  • Ifence Garden Wall Application
  • Ifence Garden Wall Application
  • Ifence Airport Application
  • Ifence Housing Environment Application
  • Ifence Park Wall Application
  • Ifence Overpass Application
  • Ifence High Security Area Application
  • Ifence High Security Area Application

iFence Products

We produce solutions that bring results to our global business partners with the principle of the highest quality products and services.

  • Double Panel Fence
    Double Panel Fence

    iFence produces panel fences for factories, sports facilities and high-security areas.

  • Sound Barrier
    Sound Barrier

    iFence produces sound barriers for sound insulation at high-speed train and highway sides.

  • Wrought Iron
    Wrought Iron

    iFence produces decorative wrought iron railings for public institutions, workplaces, gardens and other areas.


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