Best Artificial Lawn Cost

Best Artificial Lawn Cost

If you want to lay artificial lawn covering in the garden, in your community, or in your company, it is relatively quick and easy to do. As long as the surface is flat enough or can be made, artificial turf can be laid almost anywhere. Round shapes, colored designs, or openings for plants... just as you wish. The construction of an artificial lawn or in other words artificial lawn installation into a sports field takes an average of six to eight weeks. Depending on the type of sport and use, a certain structure, bedding material (Envirofill, sand, rubber), and artificial turf fibers are selected. Every artificial turf sports field is custom-made. In general, the laying process can be described in 5 steps:

  • Step 1. Edit the terrain
  • Step 2. Create an unbound base course
  • Step 3. Installation of an elasticizing layer
  • Step 4. Laying artificial lawn
  • Step 5. Fill in the artificial lawn
  • Step 6. Your artificial lawn pitch is ready to play

However, if you install by yourself, here there are some simple steps for you as well. First, the old sod is completely removed and the surface is straightened with topsoil. Using paving sand, create a 10 cm thick bed of sand, which you moisten, roll, and smooth. This guide highlights all the advantages and disadvantages with practical tips for laying. How to proceed:

  • Roll out the artificial turf and smooth it out
  • Secure the surface with artificial turf anchors at a distance of 50 cm
  • When laying with seams: fold over both sides and cut off a 3 cm wide border
  • Lay special artificial turf tape, fold back the turf, and press it on
  • Cut off protruding edges with a utility knife or a small pool on it.


How to Maintain Artificial Lawn Flooring System

An artificial lawn pitch is easy to maintain. In the case of artificial lawn for private purposes or municipal uses, it is sufficient to brush the artificial turf surface regularly, remove waste and leaves and, if necessary, refill with sand. In order to keep your artificial lawn beautiful for as long as possible, regular maintenance by the artificial lawn manufacturer is recommended. Artificial turf for sports applications requires the same care. In order to optimally maintain the playing characteristics, the course also receives regular professional maintenance. Thorough work is carried out, such as de-compacting the backfill, deep cleaning of the artificial turf, and any repairs. With consistent care, a sports field with artificial turf can last for 15 years. A relatively small effort for years of joy and reliable quality.



Does Artificial Lawn Flooring System Bring Any Disadvantages?

Many people are familiar with artificial turf on the balcony or the sports field but the decorative variants for the garden are still relatively unknown. In doing so, they have several advantages to offer. However, artificial turf is not free from disadvantages either. Therefore, some questions should be clarified before buying, and not just the price of the lawn and the cost of laying it. Some of the advantages of artificial turf are obvious. Even in dry weather and the blazing sunshine in summer, it stays green and does not discolor or shrink. In terms of the allergy, grasses can be an enormous burden for people with a corresponding allergy. However, the development of allergens cannot always be avoided if the lawn is not mowed often and thoroughly enough. The artificial lawn does not pose this risk. On the other hand, the supply of fertilizers is of course not necessary for the artificial lawn thus you are able to save costs and effort. This applies not only to the workload but also to the fact that no soil samples have to be taken and tested in order to be able to guarantee an appropriate supply of nutrients.

In very warm and dry phases, every natural lawn should be watered accordingly. Otherwise, a healthy and otherwise well-cared-for lawn can quickly be damaged, dry up, or burned. The artificial turf withstands the effects of drought and thus saves water, work and money. The lawn takes some time to grow and be walkable. The artificial variant, on the other hand, is ready and usable immediately after laying. Scarifying is an important maintenance measure for the lawn, removes moss and other matting, aerates the soil, and can thus ensure better growth. However, this measure is exhausting because it requires a comparatively high expenditure of force. With artificial turf, maintenance is much easier and easier. If children fall or slide on real grass, the consequences are usually limited to a few patches of grass. On the other hand, abrasions can occur on synthetic fibers. However, this risk depends on the exact type of artificial turf.


Is Artificial Lawn Flooring System Affordable for Everyone?


The prices for artificial turf vary greatly. Simple variants for the garden or balcony are already available for around ten euros per square meter in Europe. As a rule, they are not particularly resilient and often have a shorter service life. With very resilient and particularly high-quality variants, are resilient and look particularly close to nature, prices of 30 to 40 euros can be expected. But you are able to find more professional and top-quality service at much more affordable prices from our company: Integral Group. We aim to provide top-quality to all clients by approaching in a professional attitude every time. For many years we have been manufacturing a large diversity of products in this industry as one of the most significant artificial lawn manufacturers. Therefore, we have regular exportation connections with the USA, the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Bosna Hersek, Saudi Arabia, and many others. We offer a guarantee for every single product.


What Does Artificial Lawn Flooring Add Our Lives as A Value?

In gardens, however, the laying should be carried out professionally in order to avoid problems and unfavorable results. The total costs for the acquisition are higher, but annoyances such as gaps, protruding, or overlapping edges are avoided. In addition, the use of granules or sand can be better planned and clarified. After laying the artificial turf, a special granulate or sand can be applied to achieve various advantages. The special sand weighs down the lawn and thus ensures that it remains as desired and as it was aligned. Especially with longer fibers, which result in a softer and higher lawn, sand or granules are useful or even necessary to stabilize the "stalks". Filling in the material increases the stability and thus ensures better stability. The life of the lawn can be extended by the sand since walking and other stresses on the artificial lawn are better absorbed. Due to the weight, the lawn made of synthetic fibers does not go crazy or slip so easily. Wrinkles are thus avoided.

In particular, cleaning should not be neglected to prevent damage to the lawn. It is important to remove larger foreign bodies such as leaves with a leaf blower or leaf vacuum. Animal droppings, twigs, stones, or other initiated dirt should also be collected regularly. Care must be taken that the granules or sand are not also removed. If necessary, if the sand is blown or removed, it may have to be sprinkled to replace the amount removed. For maintenance, it is important to hook and brush the lawn at regular intervals. As a result, the fibers are straightened up again and the natural look is retained. Mowing, fertilizing, scarifying, and blasting are a thing of the past. However, artificial turf is not the holy grail of garden design. Well cared for, a real lawn is a feast for the eyes. Not to mention the time-consuming maintenance program. Artificial turf puts an end to this inconvenience. If you lay the artificial green yourself and reduce your demands a little, you can still bear the artificial lawn cost. Artificial turf made from C-shape yarn is new on the market. The particular advantage lies in the dimensional stability so that you can leave your children's swimming pool on these surfaces all summer long. For the most advantageous prices, you can visit our website and you are able to have a deeper view about our approach and services by making an appointment with one of our team members. If you are willing to get quicker impression about our projects, you are welcome to click on this link in order to reach our next article.

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