How to Produce Artificial Grass

How to Produce Artificial Grass

While artificial grass production is one of the most valuable options, it ensures that people's needs are met with its sportive and decorative usage aspects. Different options, which are preferred in order to realize the use of grass in a correct and high-quality way, meet you with the privileges of our company.

Artificial grass is among the very valuable options offered by our company, which brings quality to the forefront. We prioritize all the details that need to be considered to benefit from these preferred options to create useful, long-lasting, and quality solutions. Moreover, we make the extra effort for the products we produce to offer the highest quality options.

One of the most important issues to be considered while benefiting from the perfect solutions related to artificial grass, in which usage areas are quite different, is the solutions suitable for the demand. If you want to get the right service in your astro turf or other facilities by taking advantage of the options that are suitable for the demand, you need to have all the details about artificial grass.


What is Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass is one of the products that are one of the different options and make human life very easy. You should not forget that this product, which succeeds in attracting attention especially because it can be designed by the area of ​​use, will contribute to you if it is selected by the experts of our company.

Synthetic grass, which was first used in England; has managed to become one of the most important inventions of the 19th century. It is one of the important features of the product that it is among the valuable options with this aspect. Although there are serious differences between the first production stage and the current stages, the privileges offered by the product are similar.

It should be mentioned that the most preferred options for synthetic grass produced with different yarn types are Monofilament and Fibrillated. It is clear that grass carpets woven with these yarns that allow use with different properties can have pile lengths varying between 2 mm and 70 mm. In this sense, serious differences are observed in pile lengths, as they can be produced individually.

Let's take a closer look at what kinds of stages have been passed regarding synthetic grass that takes place in similar ways even if the production stages and pile lengths are different!


Production Stages of Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass manages to be one of the options that attract attention in every aspect, from production stages to usage processes. Our company, which makes an extra effort to bring quality to the forefront, provides you a flawless production process with the following stages!

First of all, before starting the production phase, it should be decided where astro turf will be used. Because the usage area of ​​grass is one of the most important factors in the production stages. If the correct design and planning are not realized, it will be likely to be faced with production errors.

Production Stages of Astro Turf

In the production process, after all the details are determined depending on the project, the yarns that are cut by the pile length are transformed into a carpet with weaving devices. After this process, which is considered the first and most important stage, the process of designing the yarns on the carpet begins.

In the second stage, which is realized in order to bring the preferred options to the foreground for astro turf or decorative solutions, the operations are carried out with the tufting machine. Flawless carpet production is achieved after the operations performed by paying attention to the pile length and the number of threads per m2. There is a latex application after this stage, which is especially carefully performed in the production processes.

Latex application is a very valuable step during the production of astro turf. Thanks to astro turf, which makes the grass in the form of the carpet more resistant, and with this feature, it is more durable, long-lasting use is provided. It should be mentioned that the grass dried in large ovens after latex application is ready for use.

After the firing phase, the process of holding or shipping the product continues for application. It should be emphasized that these solutions, which are necessary in order to benefit from the quality and solution-oriented options, are the most striking options by our company.


Why is Astro turf Preferred?

Astro turf is one of the most valuable options that are being used more and more every day and have facilitating effects for people. In order to benefit from the quality and solution-oriented options, it is necessary to look in more detail why this product, which attracts attention, is preferred. Let's take a closer look at the details of the grass offered by our company!


It is Resistant to Sun Rays

When produced with the right production techniques and quality planning, astro turf will attract attention with its longevity as well as making it easier for human life. Especially being resistant to sunlight contributes to the active preference of grass used in an open environment for a very long time in human life.

Artificial grass, which is one of the most valuable options in comparison with natural grass in terms of resistance to sunlight; is almost not affected by environmental influences. This is the basis for the grass to provide you with suitable usage opportunities.


Very Easy to Maintain

The use of artificial grass is very simple and of high quality. It is necessary to list the striking aspects of this option, which offers much more advantageous solutions compared to natural grass, especially in maintenance. When it comes to maintenance, natural grass needs to be watered, fertilized, and mowed regularly. Considering such demanding and tiring maintenance processes of natural grass, artificial grass is almost a maintenance-free product.

Artificial grass irrigation and cleaning operations to be performed from time to time will mean the completion of all operations related to the grass. Therefore, it is possible to mention that it will not require a great deal of effort.


Prevents Insects and Worms

One of the most striking options in the use of artificial grass is undoubtedly that there is no infestation and worm infection. Because it should be mentioned that the grass, which is designed to be highly resistant to environmental effects, will create very valuable solutions in order to ensure longevity.

You can start to benefit from the highest quality options by using this product, which stands out with its being very different from natural grass, with peace of mind. Feel the privileges by contacting our company, which brings quality to the forefront and supports you to meet with the most special options!


How to Apply Artificial Grass?

While the artificial grass production stages are carried out very meticulously, it is possible to say that the users are very sensitive about the artificial grass applications. Based on this understanding, the following should be stated that

Artificial grass is of a quality that cannot be compared with natural grass with its usage standards and quality. One of the most valuable aspects of this product, which is brought together with you with special options, is that it is designed specially. During the design phase, options that will facilitate the application are used. Moreover, it will be necessary to mention that extra precautions are taken in order to have a better quality of the implementation phase.


If you want to get a perfect and very successful artificial grass application phase, the only thing you need to do is to contact us. Our company desires to give the healthiest answer to your demands with its sector experience and quality solutions. Moreover, it does not compromise on quality. For detailed information, you can visit our website

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