Which Phases Have Been Gone Thorough To Make Indoor Carpet Pitch?

Which Phases Have Been Gone Thorough To Make Indoor Carpet Pitch?

Sports facilities and carpet pitches became widespread and people started to show a special interest in playing football. As such, there is a continuous increase in sports fields.

There are basically two different types of carpet pitches;The first is open carpet pitches, the other is closed carpet pitches. Especially in places where cold and rainy weather is experienced too much, closed carpet pitches are more preferred. What should be done to make a closed carpet pitch and the process at which stage is continuing, let's look together.


Preparation of Infrastructure


First of all, infrastructure works should be done for closed carpet field construction. In order to prevent the floor from collapsing and being smoother, it must be compacted well and the vibrating roller passes over it. When the ground reaches zero level, ground should be dug around the site and molds will be assemble.

Iron should be laid in the molds and PVC pipes should be added in the beams for drainage. Thus, when water comes on the ground or the field is washed, it is ensured that the water coming on it is discharged. Afterwards, concrete beams are formed and compacted.


Iron and Steel Processing


The plates which are carved into the beams should be added to 4 meter high pipes and d to the upper parts with sheet metal plates. Trusses are placed on the top of the sheet metal plates, which are above the vertical tubes, and the tubes are fixed horizontally on the trusses. Hinged doors and field poles are made wherever they are wanted with using pipes. The features of the pipes used may vary according to the status of the project.


Wire Fencing and Netting!


The astroturf should be surrounded by vertical and horizontal pipes and then covered with wire mesh. The pipes used must be dipped galvanized. The wire fence must be secured to the perimeter of the field with the terminal blocks. Goal nets should be covered with a net made of polyamide yarn with 12 x 12 cm and field sides 15 x 15 cm.


Artificial Turf Workmanship


A higher quality field can be obtained by laying artificial grass ground with shockpad materials.Although the costs increase to a certain extent, a field is formed with shockpad material that will be much more comfortable and less injuries. If shockpad will not be used, the compression process should be done by pouring stone chips onto the floor. Then, it must be wetted and felt should be laid on the upper part. After the felt is properly laid, synthetic grass carpet should be laid on the top of the felt and bonded with special adhesives in a way that the joints are not visible.After the process of laying the ground, the field lines should be drawn according to the standards. The field should be filled with granules, which makes the field more useful and remains strong for a long time. At least 6 kg of granules should be poured into 1 m2. Spilled granules should be fed equally into the grass with special tools. After this process, the ground of the field is ready.


Completion of Closed Astroturf


Astroturfs are mainly used in the evening. People spare time for astroturf after work and at weekends. Therefore, a good lighting system should be used to light the field in the evening. Depending on the size of the field, an equal number of LED lights are placed around it. These LED lights are placed on special poles that are left at the upper parts of the field poles. At the end of the light placement, the light should be distributed equally throughout the field. As the size of the field increases, the required light power should increase exponentially. In the football fields where live broadcasts are executed, many powerful LED lights are used.

Making a closed and open astroturf is a job that requires expertise. As in all jobs, it has its own distinctive details. In the use of right and balanced materials, the labor force and its qualification determine the quality of the field. The materials can be very good, but if the workmanship is not good, a quality field will not be obtained. In the other scenario, no matter how good the workmanship is if the materials are chosen badly or wrongly, a field will not have appeared as desired. In these two matters, being balanced and making the right selection with a good search will meet you with a quality astroturf as you desired.

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