Artificial Turf for Golf Courses

Artificial Turf for Golf Courses

A short time ago, the golf sport was a sport branch that belongs to a specific community around the world. This started changing in a short time ago. The golf sport goes ahead to become a reachable sports branch for many people across the world. In this situation, artificial turf using has a big effection.

The use of artificial turf in golf courses significantly reduced the construction and maintenance costs of golf courses. Pruning and watering, which are the most inconvenient and important items in maintenance, are eliminated with the use of artificial turf. A golf course made with quality artificial turf can be used for a long time without the need for maintenance other than cleaning.

A revolution occurred in golf sport with artificial turf. "Mini golf" has emerged, which can be called the lower branch of golf sport.

Mini golf is divided into two as fixed or portable. It can be designed and purchased in desired sizes. Mini golf courses that are not fixed type can be moved and used for social activities in different places. All this happens thanks to the artificial turf. Almost all ground of Mini golf courses is artificial turf.

What kind of artificial turf should be used in golf courses or mini golf courses?

Two things are very important.
1-The direction of the ball should not change during the game,
2-The speed of the ball should decrease evenly.

Therefore, a very dense artificial turf should be preferred. All yarns length should be equal. And the most important thing is to prefer a quality product. For this, the right choice would be to supply artificial turf from the manufacturer.

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