How To Build A Basketball Court In European Standards?

How To Build A Basketball Court In European Standards?

In particular basketball courts are so special fields which are designed for only the purpose of playing basketball. If we have a closer look at these sports courts for playing basketball, we can realize that they are established in different flooring systems in indoor basketball court and outdoor basketball court. Despite the standard dimensions which are determined by the International Basketball Federation, there are some differences between amateur and professional purposes in terms of the sizes. In this article, we are going to explain some important details about how the basketball courts are built and what kind of floor coverage systems are used. 


How Are the Dimensions of the Basketball Court According to International Basketball Federation?

In this part, we are going to explain the dimensions of the basketball courts where especially Professional athletes have been playing. Because the International Basketball Federation had taken into account only Professional players and Professional basketball activities while they were considering the exact standards of these fields. On the other hand, it makes no sense to make some strict limitations in the fields where are used for only hobby and amateur purposes. 

According to dimensions for professional basketball matches determined by the International Basketball Federation on their website: the long side, that is, the length, of a rectangular field has to be exactly 28 meters, and the short one’s width should not be higher than 15 meters. The basketball court has two half-courts as a result of the division right in the middle with a line. The rectangular piece of the crucible, which is taken place within 1.2 meters of the short sideline, needs to be in the height of 1.8×1.2 meters. The diameter of the circle on the backboard is 45 cm and its height from the floor is 3.05 meters. The distance of the semi-circle where the 3-pointer is made to the rim is 6.75 meters, and this distance is measured from the projection of the circle to the ground. The free-throw line is 5.80 meters from the short side and the length of the line is 3.60 meters.

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As you can see above, the International Basketball Federation has determined so strict points to be able to build a basketball hall which is suitable to European standardizations. But there some exceptions in this field. If we need to give an example, the NBA would be a perfect instance. As we all know NBA is one of the most important basketball leagues all around the world. In the NBA, which is established in the USA, these determined dimensions of the basketball court which is used for the purpose of professional basketball matches, have some differences. For instance, the long side of the courts used in the NBA is 28.65 meters long and the short side is 15.24 meters wide. In a nutshell, tiny changes on these centimeters might give another direction to the match.


How Are the Basketball Courts Built According to European Standards?

In general basketball court installation phases are so similar to the volleyball court installation stages. As a first stage, the expert team manages the excavation phase on the floor of this field. After sprinkling crushed stone and digging the perimeter line, this team pours concrete on the crushed stone. All these stages are preparation for the flooring coverage system. Also, all iron materials used in this field need to be painted with anti-rust paint in order to avoid any oxidation possibility. Moreover, lighting systems and surrounding the perimeter with galvanized protection fences are routines performed for outdoor basketball courts.


What Kind of Sports Court Flooring Systems Are Used in Basketball Courts?

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There are many diverse possibilities in terms of the basketball court flooring systems. According to purposes of usage and construction determine which kind of sports court flooring system should be preferred. Also, it is so important in order to make a good decision whether there is going to build as an indoor or outdoor basketball court. 

If we need to speak in general, there are main four types of flooring systems in this industry. The first one is the parquet flooring system. This kind of flooring is preferred usually for indoor halls and it is perfect to play a Professional basketball match. The second one is the acrylic flooring system. Most people prefer using this kind of floor coverage system because of its budget-friendly price level, ease of application, and convenience for playing basketball. Also, it attracts many people due to its resistance to any weather condition. 

Another one is polyurethane flooring. İt is so suitable for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts. Due to its structure which is coated on concrete, it has some disadvantages in terms of ball bouncing. The last one is the tartan floor which is extremely preferred due to its high flexibility. Moreover, this flooring system has many attractive features such as impact absorbency, UV resistance, non-deformable structure in thermal differences, hygienic and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and many others.


What Kind of Services in This Field Do the Companies In Turkey Offer To The Clients?

Like every industry, there are many companies to offer some services on basketball court construction services. But as we all can guess, there are some differences between these companies. While some offer the highest quality to people, others can give a guarantee for an only average result. In Turkey, Integral company produces many diverse products in this field. As well as the services that this company offers in Turkey, it is exporting stadium chairs, flooring systems, and so on to many countries all around the world. If we need to give some examples, they have strong business connections with France, Greece, Italy, and Russia which have the most important basketball teams after NBA in the USA. Due to its highest class services and products, day by day its business network grows extremely and with this motivation, it continues producing a lot of different services to its international clients.

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