Integral Group® Signs First Brand Ambassadorship Agreement of 2024

Integral Group® Signs First Brand Ambassadorship Agreement of 2024

Integral Group® has taken the decision to collaborate with former Malian National Team Football Player Samba Sow by signing a brand ambassadorship agreement. The signing ceremony took place with the participation of the company's Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yavuz Macit, Business Development Manager, Mr. Cenk Cem, and Export Manager, Mr. Özgür Emre Öztürk.

Samba Sow, who will serve as the brand ambassador for Integral Group®, is a well-known figure for his successful performance with the Malian National Team. This collaboration aims to enhance the global recognition of the brand and contribute to the development of sports not only locally but also on a global scale.

Samba Sow and Yavuz Macit

During the signing ceremony, Chairman of the Board Yavuz Macit emphasized the significance of the collaboration, stating, "Teaming up with an experienced player like Samba Sow will strengthen our presence in the sports world. By harnessing the unifying power of sports, we aim to introduce our brand to a wider audience."

Business Development Manager Cenk Cem highlighted that Sow is a fitting representative of the brand's values, stating, "Samba Sow's achievements and character in his sporting career align with the values Integral Group® embodies. This collaboration will not only contribute to our presence in the sports world but also strongly represent our brand."

Sambo Sow - Integral Group

Export Manager Özgür Emre Öztürk expressed his belief that the collaboration will increase the brand's visibility in the international market, stating, "Samba Sow has a broad fan base on the international stage. Through this collaboration, we will promote Integral Group® projects in more countries, taking gradual steps towards global success in sports."

This collaboration aims to enhance the brand's interaction in the sports world, making a significant contribution to the international growth of Integral Group®.

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