Top Quality Fishing Net

Top Quality Fishing Net

Integral Group has been producing fishing net from past to present. Our company leads the production of best fishing net not only in Turkey but also in many parts of the world, and also accounts for 50% of the fishing net production capacity.

Polyamide (nylon) material is generally used in fishing nets produced by our company. The fishing nets produced by the Integral Group are manufactured using the highest quality materials.

When people want to fish, one of the most important materials they need to buy is a fishing net. In our country, the Black Sea region is one of the important regions where fishing is done. It is necessary to use very durable fishing nets for the hot and choppy waters of the Black Sea. Therefore, fishing nets produced by Integral Group are preferred by large merchant ships or fishing boats. The fishing nets produced by our company are produced using various methods to be extremely durable and suitable for use against external factors and all kinds of weather conditions in the sea environment.

Integral Group uses technology at the highest level in the production of fishing nets, both in raw materials and in the production phase. The fishing nets produced by our company are meticulously produced at every stage with our expert and experienced team. Our expert team follows every stage of fishing nets production from the beginning to the end. Thus, durable and high quality fishing nets are produced for you, our valued customers.

If you want to have all kinds of information about fishing nets and work with us, you can continue reading our article.


Top Quality Fishing Net Manufacturer

One of the most important objectives of the Integral Group in large fishing net and small fishing net production is to produce high quality fishing nets. It should be noted that there are many types of fishing nets. The fishing nets in question are produced in different ways depending on the type. Therefore, when producing a fishing net, attention should be paid to which type of fishing net it is, and that fishing net is produced in the way it should be produced. Our company does its best so that you do not worry about these issues, and produces in different ways according to each type of fishing net. We can classify fishing nets according to their purpose or according to the materials used. For example, when producing folding fishing nets or rubber fishing nets, the materials and properties of these nets must be taken into

However, we should point out that; Fishing nets are usually named according to the reason they are used or preferred. We can list these fishing net types as follows:


1. Shield and Big Fishing Nets

These nets, which we have produced as Integral Group, are produced as 200 meters, 140 meters or 150 meters in the form of 4 to 6 layers with a depth of 0.20 to 7.5 mesh. As with all our products, our fishing nets are produced according to your preferences. If you want different types of equipment for the fishing nets you will buy, you can send them to us and buy your fishing nets that way. For example, it is possible to attach lead and cork on these fishing nets.


2. Commercial Fishing Nets

When our customers want to fish for financial purposes, they generally prefer commercial fishing nets. Therefore, our commercial fishing nets that we have produced as Integral Group are one of the most preferred nets by our customers. If you want to have commercial fishing nets, you can call us and get the information you want from our expert and experienced team.


3. Spreader Fishing Nets

Our customers who will prefer sprinkler fishing nets have the chance to catch a lot of fish when they use this net. Scattered fishing nets are generally used in deep waters and are made by throwing the net between two standing boats.

Our customers who will do fishing with our sprinkler fishing nets should have the habit of hand. Because our spread fishing nets vary according to their usage areas and throwing methods. For example; In shallow waters, net throwing is done in classical ways by standing or throwing directly into the water. These features also vary in the prices of the scattering net. Some of our sprinkler fishing nets are prepared in the form of machine nets. Another part is prepared in the form of hand knitting. The weights of our dispersed fishing nets, which are prepared with 6 or 9 ropes, vary. Our scattering nets produced by Integral Group are prepared with high quality yarns and are produced in high quality.

If you want to get detailed information about our scattering nets that we produce with the latest technology and to get support on the best dredge net recommendations, you can contact us at any time.


Fishing Net Prices


Fishing net prices vary according to the types of fishing nets we have mentioned above and the size of the fishing net you want to produce. In order for the fishing nets you will buy to be durable and used effectively, we recommend that you work with an expert and experienced team. As Integral Group, it is one of our most important goals to provide quality and durable products to our valued customers.

As the leading fishing net manufacturer in the world and in Turkey, we guarantee that your fishing action with the fishing nets you have purchased will be successful. If you want to have these fishing nets, you can contact us and get information about the fishing nets we have produced.


Fishing Nets Manufacturer

Integral Group, in our rapidly changing and developing world over the years, we produce fishing net that facilitate the work of our customers who are engaged in fishing and ensure their safety. In this way, we are in the leading position among fishing nets manufacturer in the world and in Turkey.

Integral Group uses high quality raw materials in the fishing nets it produces in its high-tech facilities. Our experienced and expert team constantly tests the fishing nets they have produced and raises the quality standard in the fishing net production sector day by day. Although the products it produces are sensitive to the environment and human health, it has every detail to give a successful result in fishing.

As Integral Group, we have a very wide product range in fishing net production. For this reason, our products are in high demand not only in our country, but also from many parts of the world. We have strong business connections with the USA, England, France, Serbia, Georgia, Greece, Malta, Cameroon, Albania and many other countries and we export with these countries.

For detailed information about fishing net for sale, commercial fishing nets for sale and net manufacturers near me, please contact us at +90 (212) 678 13 13

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