High Technology Football Field Construction

High Technology Football Field Construction

Football is one of the most played and watched sports in the world. The most important factor in playing a football match effectively and with high performance is the quality of the carpet pitch. As Integral Group, we are building carpet pitches with the most modern and cutting-edge technology with our experienced and expert team.

Our company is not only involved in the football field construction. In addition to the construction, it first projects your football field and then creates and builds your football field with the mind system. After construction, it also helps in the maintenance phase. Integral Group serves professional football clubs and the most famous stadiums in many countries.

As Integral Spor, which is one of the leading and leading companies not only in our country but also in the world, we have explained the construction stages of football fields in order to provide you with the highest quality and detailed service in the carpet pitch construction stages. Keep reading our article and reviewing our page to have your own football field!

What are the Stages of Football Field Construction?

There are multiple stages for the football field construction. Each of these stages must be followed meticulously. Football field construction specifications is very important. As Integral Group, it is our first duty to assist you in these stages. We have prepared this article for you about how these stages progress.

While watching a football match in front of our televisions or in a stadium, we wonder how these huge and ostentatious fields are made and we do research on this. Maybe we dream of owning such a field. As Integral Group, we make your dreams come true. For this reason, we have listed in this article how a professional football field is made, how long it takes to complete these pitches, and the sports field construction stages of these football field.


These stages are; We can list the condition of the ground in the area where the football field will be made, the plan and design of the area where the football field will be made, the excavation work on the area where the football field will be made, the skeleton preparation stage, the net laying, the gravel laying work and finally the application of the artificial synthetic grass carpet to the floor:

  • 1. Condition of the Ground in the Field to be Made

The first thing to consider in the construction of the football field is the condition of the ground. Our experienced and expert team within the Integral Group should first examine the floor where the football field will be built.

  • 2. Planning of the Area to be Made of Football Field

After determining the condition of the ground of the area where the football field will be made, planning should be done. Project designs are made by our expert and experienced team for your football field. Then, these designs are transferred from the drawings to the digital environment and the draft image of your football field is revealed. As a result of the resulting plan, your approval is obtained and the work is started.

  • 3. Bond Beam Excavations

In the first stage of the construction process, beam excavation work is carried out. After the excavation work, the iron is tied to the supports. After the molds are placed in the excavated area, the anchor pipes whose dimensions are adjusted according to the wire saw system should be placed. Finally, concrete is poured and after the concrete dries, the molds are removed.

  • 4. Skeleton Preparation Study

In the preparation of the skeleton, first of all, vertical posts are built on the fixed anchor pipes. Later, horizontal records are welded and wire mesh is mounted. We use steel rope to carry and tension the wire mesh. On the other hand, a service door is built in order to enter and exit the football field.

  • 5. Network Laying

At this stage, the perimeter and ceiling of the field is covered with nets in order to prevent the balls from going out of the field after the application of these fences at certain heights.

  • 6. Carpet Pitch Lighting Stage

The lighting process is very important in the carpet pitch installation and the lighting systems must be installed with great care. In order not to cause any negative situation on the football field, the lighting cables should be mounted in such a way that they are not visible. It would be best for you to use generators for possible power cuts.

  • 7. Gravel Spreading Application

In the gravel laying application, the ground levels are adjusted and the 20 cm thick number 3 gravel is laid, then compacted with the help of a roller. Afterwards, 10 cm thick number 1 crushed stone is laid. One of the most important points in gravel laying is to carry out special studies to prevent corrugation. Our team does this work for you.

  • 8. Application of Artificial Synthetic Grass Carpet to the Ground

The last process in the construction of the football field is the application of artificial synthetic grass carpet. Football will be played with high performance on your football field with our artificial turf carpets specially produced for you by Integral Group. After the application of synthetic artificial turf, the lines of the playground are drawn, and your field is made ready for you with the sand and granule process.

Indoor Football Field


Indoor football field built by our company is generally preferred by our customers in order to be protected from snow, rain, mud and cold during the winter months. In these indoor football field, the top of the field is completely covered, so that the wind and cold do not enter the field.

In the construction of indoor carpet pitch, synthetic turf carpet applications, which are produced only for football, are made. While indoor football fields are isolated from the environment, PVC, tarpaulin or sheet metal is used. The floors vary according to the area where the football fieldwill be built. Therefore, the size of the area will create a change in the cost of the indoor football field. The quality of the football fields we will build for you is at a very high level and you, our customers, will always be able to carry out your sports activities with pleasure. By contacting us, you can have your state-of-the-art carpet field turnkey with our products that meet international standards.

Outdoor Football Field

Outdoor football field is known as the type of football field that is more preferred than closed football fields. Outdoor carpet pitches are usually surrounded by wire mesh. However, the ceilings of these carpet pitches are covered with nets. And of course, the most preferred floor in open carpet pitches is our artificial turf carpets that we produce as Integral Spor.

Carpet pitch dimensions are determined by you, our customers. Our customers usually measure according to the number of players. Outdoor astroturf construction consists of a total of four stages. These issues start with infrastructure works, continue with iron wire works, and finally complete with artificial turf carpet installation.

Outdoor astroturf pitches are used in schools and neighborhoods as well as being used by professional sports clubs. Thus, as Integral sports, we bring socialization into your life and establish a non-monotonic life for you.

You can fill out the form below for detailed information, indoor football field cost, outdoor football field cost and free price information. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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