High-Tech Grandstand Construction

High-Tech Grandstand Construction

Some people like to do sports, while others like to watch activities related to sports. As such, the importance of tribunes becomes evident. High-quality, purpose-built grandstands provide the spectator a much better experience. However, it is also very important that these tribunes are made by a leading grandstand construction company. Integral Group offers many grandstand models in this context. In this article, we will focus on these types of grandstands and highlight their advantageous aspects.


What are the Grandstand Types Produced by Integral Group?

1. Steel Grandstand

Steel grandstand systems are tribune systems in which all of the carrier systems are produced from steel. It is resistant to earthquakes and can be manufactured at a lower cost. In that way, it has a specific advantage over concrete grandstands. The system can be designed in desired dimensions and capacity. The customer may demand the product in open or closed areas. Before starting the production, the feasibility of the area to be used is made. After a static report is prepared, the process and production is carried out in this direction. If needed, the steel tribunes can be dismantled and moved to another area and re-installed.



2. Container Model Steel Grandstand

If we mention the container model steel grandstands, we may say that the minimum length of these tribunes is 4 meters and they can be produced with or without a roof. Integral Group, one of the leading tribune manufacturers at home and abroad, focuses on container model grandstand construction and tries to produce this product in line with standards. As a result, the tribunes produced by Integral Group are approved by TSE and European product regulations (CE). Additionally, changing rooms, showers and WC can be added to these grandstands as special demands by the customers.


3. Portable Grandstand

Portable grandstand systems are easy-to-carry and safe systems that are manufactured from lighter parts and they can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly. In line with demands, production can be made for a small show area or for a large stadium project. Customers can use it for many years in indoor and outdoor organizations, either in parts or in whole, at different times and places.



4. Telescopic Grandstand

Telescopic grandstand is a type of small and practical portable tribune, consisting of interlocking modular structure, used in the new era, especially in multi-purpose indoor sports halls. Telescopic tribune systems have started to be made. Because many customers want to save space. Depending on its size, the desired model of grandstand seating can be mounted on the carrier system. Companies can manufacture telescopic tribunes. This mobile sitting group, which has many advantages, can be folded together and can gain only 1 meter, 15 cm or 20 centimeters at the bottom of the wall. It can be operated manually as well as.


5. Mobile Grandstand

As it can be understood from the name of the product, a mobile grandstand is a tribune that can be taken from one place to another. It is used in shows, events, concerts or competitions. There are two elements considered while mobile tribunes are prepared: width of the area and the potential or the capacity of the area. The mobile tribune may be bought by a person or company.

The installation of the mobile grandstand should be done carefully. These tribunes, which have multiple seating areas, are a viewing area with seats mounted on a steel construction or wooden system. These products can be disassembled and moved to another place and installed at any time.  Mobile tribune systems have connecting rods made of multi-functional parts. It also consists of seat and walking parts.



Integral Group and Grandstand Construction

As the Integral Group family, we know how important grandstand construction is and we aim to serve our customers our best in this direction. With our experienced team, quality products, and trouble-free installation periods, we are ready to be your teammate for products that you can use for many years. If you are looking for quality products and services, you can contact us immediately or make a request on our website. You may fill out the form below for detailed information about the installation process and grandstand construction cost. We will get back to you as soon as possible! You may buy bleachers at the most affordable grandstand construction cost

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