What are the Avantages of Artificial Grass

What are the Avantages of Artificial Grass



The benefits of artificial turf are the benefits that enable the perfect use of artificial turf. You can use these grass as you wish to make your living space the most perfect and to benefit from the advantages of artificial turf. If you wish, you can use this type of grass for sportive or decorative purposes. Artificial turf starts to stand out when you compare it with natural grass. Especially in areas where drought conditions are common, homeowners can achieve an extremely impressive germination without fear of artificial turf violating water restrictions and various landscape rules. You can also take advantage of the advantages offered by our company to take advantage of the aforementioned benefits. Thanks to the knowledge of our experts, our company offers special options to meet your demands. In addition to all these privileges, it is necessary to mention the advantages you will gain thanks to the special features of artificial turf.




Why Should Artificial Turf Be Preferred?

Artificial turf is a useful type of grass that can be preferred for various reasons. Since natural grass has a lively feature, the more contact with the grass, the faster the grass fades. However, it is not possible to talk about such a situation in artificial turf. Now let's examine the reasons why artificial turf is preferred.









Artificial Turf Does Not Need Maintenance

The lack of maintenance is often seen as the most important advantage. In this context, minimum maintenance is one of the most important benefits of artificial turf. The time normally spent on grass care can now be used for family activities or relaxation. It should be stated that artificial turf is a very powerful alternative when the usage instructions are followed, as well as being affected by the environmental effects at a very low rate. If you do not want to deal with the maintenance of grass used for decorative or sportive purposes, you should definitely take advantage of artificial turf options. However, the grass you choose should be recommended by our experts in order to be among the suitable alternatives for you. Before the grass is laid, the ground is rolled and leveled, eliminating gutters and valleys where water can accumulate. Small irrigation channels are also added to help drain excess water and prevent it from accumulating in low areas.







Fake Grass Does Not Cause Stains

Children can play on artificial turf as often as they like, and they won't find unsightly grass or mud stains on their clothes or shoes. If you slide on natural grass, these stains are very difficult to remove and can form with green or brown streaks on you. Thanks to fake grass, there will be no grass stains on your clothes. On natural grass, high volumes of foot traffic can lead to footpaths, tracks or bare spots in grass and gardens. Artificial turf is extremely durable and resists the constant pressure of being stepped on. The blades of the grass will bounce back and remain upright as long as the infill is in place.







Shady Areas Is Not a Problem

Artificial turf does not require direct sunlight in shady areas where natural grass can fade and die. Synthetic grass will remain in the shade in a very high quality, as it will preserve its color and size with or without sunlight and water.







Safe for Children and Pets

One of the benefits of fake grass is that it can contain an anti-bacterial surface that helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Children and pets can play on fake grass without fear of exposure to harmful pesticides, fertilizers or other toxic chemicals used in the care of natural grass.





Does Not Need Hard Fertilizers

Since it does not grow or spread, green grass is beautiful and vibrant without being fertilized regularly. The grass will remain lush, green and toxin-free. Hard fertilizers can also have a disastrous effect on the local environment by causing excessive algae growth in streams, rivers, ponds and lakes.







Offers Great Solution for Recreation Areas

Ideal for recreation areas such as artificial turf, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, golf practice fields and terrace surfaces. It withstands high volumes of pedestrian traffic and is highly resistant to abrasion. It is also easy to cut and shape allowing it to be used in oddly shaped areas or in a variety of patterns.







Resistant to Draught

The water needed by green grass should be rinsed occasionally to prevent odors and dust build-up. Otherwise, synthetic grass doesn't need water and is ideal for areas where drought conditions can be severe. The absence of rain and other forms of precipitation can lead to water restrictions and strict penalties for homeowners who violate them.





Cost Effective

One of the most important benefits of green grass is its long-lasting value and cost effectiveness. Although it may seem like an expense at first, it is actually an investment that can increase the value of your home for several years. By dividing the grass and installation cost by the years it will remain in place and taking into account the minimum money and time spent on maintenance, artificial turf will pay for itself within a few years. One of the most important issues that people consider in synthetic grass applications is the investment cost. Because the investment cost is considered one of the most important issues that determine which grass option to choose. The fact that natural grass generally requires high costs does not make it very healthy to benefit from this grass type.







Can be Applied Practically

One of the most important features about artificial turf is that it does not require days to be applied like natural grass. Depending on the size of the area and the nature of the artificial turf to be applied, it will not be possible to encounter any loss with the application to be completed in a maximum of 2 days. One of the aspects of artificial turf, which is fixed to each other with special adhesives at the joints and therefore does not cause any negative effects, is the transportation processes. Natural grass is the product that should be transported in rolls and very carefully. However, it will not be possible to talk about such a difficult transportation process in synthetic grass.







Top Quality Solutions

If you also need artificial turf and want to have this grass reliably, you are at the right address. You can benefit from many benefits through our company by shaping your artificial turf preferences in the best way. The experts in our company will choose the most special product for you and will allow you to benefit from the most valuable options, taking into account the environmental conditions. You can contact us immediately to have detailed information about our artificial turf service.









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