LED Screen Panel Installation and Cost

LED Screen Panel Installation and Cost

LED technology, which will cover the light technology of the lighting industry in the next generation, is showing its effect much faster in the advertising industry. In this sector, LED screen panels are being preferred and they offer much more advanced technology and ease of use than the old-style illuminated signs we know.  Additionally, in terms of energy saving, LED screen panel can be used in all areas thanks to their ease of installation.


LED Screen Panel Features

Led video panel has many functional features. The most interesting of these is that anyone can read the text and the image clearly no matter from which side one looks. It is designed to be visible from every angle. It can be much more eye-catching as it can be produced and installed in three dimensions. The LED lights used in these signage types both look visually beautiful and they save energy.


Usage Areas of LED Screen Panel

Usage areas of LED screen panels are mostly on commercial enterprises. This product is used to attract attention for offices located on the upper floors of buildings. Additionally, it is used by some businesses to use led signs on their windows for informational purposes and to announce campaigns. In some hospitals, banks and similar institutions, these signs are used to follow the sequence numbers. It is also used in the visualization of company or company logos.


Furthermore, some of the most preferred usage areas for LED screen panels are sports fields and stadiums. In these places, as big LED screen panels are used, the spectators can feel the atmosphere of the sport and they can see everything in detail. These LED screen panels used in the stadiums are sometimes used for advertisement, also.


Advantages of LED Panel

LED screen panels are considerably superior to old-style lighting panels in terms of both lighting and electricity consumption. Because LED screen panels are more economical with up to 90% electricity savings and provide better quality light thanks to its balance in the field of lighting. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Other advantages may be listed as follows:


  • Economic and Environmentally Friendly

First of all, LED panels have a technology far beyond the simple illuminated signage technology used before. In addition, LED screen panels work with a 70% savings compared to old type lighting panels, which provides a very high cost savings. And it is an indication of how environmentally friendly LED panels are.


  • Easy Installation and Easy Use

LED video wall panels make a clear difference compared to old-style lightings with their ease of installation. LED panels, which are very light in weight. In addition to this, the life of the LED screen panels in it lasts 10 times longer than old-style lighting technologies.


  • Quality Service

Thanks to the LED lights in the LED wall display, the lighting has a more balanced lighting method than the old type panels. In this way, advertising activities and sports activities offer quality service.


LED Screen Panel for Sports Fields

With the growing urbanization and sedentary lifestyles in the city, sports facilities are gaining more importance in all cities. Improving both the athlete and spectator experiences can encourage people to come together and be more active. In that way, quality LED screen panels offer them an unforgettable experience. Because they will have a chance to know every detail about the sport and feel the competitive environment deeply.


LED Panel for Stadiums


LED screen panels are led display systems that surround the area where sports events are held and provide advertisement broadcasting. The size of the field/sports hall may vary depending on the area of ​​the live advertisement broadcast and the distance between the audience and the screen.


LED Screen Panel Cost

LED screen panel cost may vary according to the width and length of the preferred product. Of course, there are other factors that affect the cost. In order to learn these factors, you are kindly invited to contact Integral because its experienced team will make the necessary measurements for you and provide you with an approximate price information.


LED Screen Panel and Integral

If you want to get a LED screen panel and take advantage of quality LED screen panel installation service, you may contact Integral. With its disciplined business approach, affordable LED screen panel cost and quality products, you can represent whichever feeling you want for your spectators or customers. For detailed information about LED screen display and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible. Integral, one of the leading LED screen display manufacturers, will be proud of serving you its products!

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