The Rise of the Multi-Purpose Fields

The Rise of the Multi-Purpose Fields

Multi-purpose fields are one of the most preferred fields today because they offer the opportunity to play many games together. These fields are built on a synthetic ground. It is also surrounded by security wires. In this way, you can carry out your activities in a safe area.

The construction of your multi-purpose fields is shaped according to your wishes. With your requests, as Integral Group, we start the construction of your multi-purpose fields as quickly as possible. If you want, you can cover your multi-purpose field with wire fences, grass fences or other products you request. As Integral Group, we do not offer you an area where you can only perform sports activities. In addition, we design our products to create the safety of your fields.

Today, the needs of sports facilities are increasing rapidly all over the world. As Integral Spor, we work with our experienced and expert team to meet these needs. We design products produced with the most up-to-date and latest technology for you. The demands of sports clubs, ministries and federations for our multi-purpose fields, which we have prepared by working with our design, engineering and R&D units, are quite high. Integral Spor's design of multi-purpose sports fields with modern production lines, strong assembly teams and a unique organization attracts the attention not only of our customers in our country, but also of the world. If you also want to have a multi-purpose field, you can contact us and quickly receive the multi-purpose field with the features you want.

Best multi-purpose stadium contains many sports activities. We can list these sports activities as football, volleyball, basketball, golf and tennis. In this article, we have mentioned the features of these fields, which enable more than one sporting activity to be carried out with one field. If you want to learn about these features, you can continue reading!


The Rise of the Multi-Purpose Fields


As you know; You can practice more than one type of sport in the multi-purpose fields we have built. In addition, multi-purpose fields have multiple uses. These areas;

  • Sports fields in the districts,
  • Sites,
  • Official Schools,
  • Private schools,
  • Government agencies,
  • And we can list them as Private Institutions.

As we mentioned above; Our customers often choose multi-purpose sites for large estates, hotels, colleges and many other schools.

Our multi-purpose fields do not have certain standard sizes. We are building our multi-purpose fields in the dimensions determined according to your wishes. Generally, when our customers apply to us, the 18m x 36m size format is preferred. It should be noted that the standard tennis courts, basketball courts and mini football fields fit very comfortably in the multi-purpose fields we have built in these dimensions, which are the most preferred by our customers.

One of the most important elements in the construction of multi-purpose fields is the ground. The most preferred field floor by you, our customers, is our artificial turf carpets that we have produced as Integral Spor. In addition, acrylic floors, EPD floors, parquet sports floors are also preferred.

As Integral Spor, we build the most durable, high quality and useful multi-purpose fields for you. The multi-purpose fields we have built are built with environmentally friendly, cleanable, non-fading, quality, durable and non-deteriorating materials for years of use. In this way, you can use the multi-purpose fields we have built for you for years as they were on the first day.

The multi-purpose fields that we have built as Integral Spor are practical and useful. While it offers you these and many other features, the cost of construction is also very low.

Integral Spor offers different colors to our customers in the grass carpet option in the multi-purpose field construction service. These colors can be listed as light green, dark green, yellow, blue and red.

You can use our multi-purpose fields not only in a group, but also in more than one group. While you are doing another sporting activity, your friends can spend time with another sporting activity.

As you know, we cover our multi-purpose fields with wire fences. In this way, we are not only building an area for you to perform sports activities, but also a safe area.

The highly reliable and high quality multi-purpose fields that we have built for you are prepared in detail as Integral Spor. As Integral Spor, you can perform the sports you want safely and comfortably in the multi-purpose fields that we have built with a suitable ground for all kinds of sports activities. If you want to have information about these issues, you can contact us.

Multi-Purpose Field Construction


Integral Group is the leader among other companies in the sector in multi-purpose field construction. You can contact us if you want to work with an experienced and leading company in the field and set up a multi-purpose field. In multi-purpose field construction, Integral group offers you the highest quality and useful fields with an experienced and meticulous team. It consists of many stages in the construction of multi-purpose fields. First of all, the infrastructure stages are carried out. Then, the process continues with iron wire works. Finally, the ground installation of the fields is carried out. We can summarize this process as follows:

  • 1. Infrastructure Phase

Multi-purpose fields are made open and closed according to your preference. Before the infrastructure is built, you need to decide what type you will do. Boundary concrete is laid according to the anchorage pipe system in open areas and flanged system in closed areas.

  • 2. Iron Construction

Iron pipe works are carried out according to the project we will create before installation according to your preferences. For the perimeter wire, it does not matter whether the field is open or closed. In both fields, PVC coating is preferred with a mesh size of 5x5cm.

  • 3. Field Ground

Multi-purpose field synthetic floors are made according to your preferences. We can list these floors as 20-26mm artificial grass carpet, acrylic floor or tartan floor. If you want to build an indoor multi-purpose field, polyurethane, PVC sports flooring will be a better choice for you.

  • 4. Lighting System

After the multi-purpose field installation, projectors or LED projectors can be made to your site according to your preferences.

Multi-Purpose Sports Field Cost

Multi-purpose sports field cost varies according to many factors. Many criteria such as the materials used in the construction phase, the quality of these materials, the materials to be used in the floor coverings and the lighting systems affect the cost of multi-purpose site construction.

Another important factor is the dimensions of your multi-purpose court. Depending on the dimensions you choose, the construction cost of your multi-purpose sports field will increase or decrease. But don't worry about the cost. The cost, which is high during the installation phase, will return to you as a profit in the long run. For this reason, you can trust us as Integral Spor for the cost of multi-purpose field construction.

If you want to work with our team, who are experts multipurpose sports court and experienced in their field, you can get more detailed information about how much is a turf football field cost, multi-sport court cost, how much does a soccer field cost, how much does it cost to build a grass soccer field by contacting us.

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