Paddle Tennis Court Construction Cost and Features

Paddle Tennis Court Construction Cost and Features

The paddle tennis court is built according to the norms and standards set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). These fields can be built in any size needed for amateur uses, apart from international dimensions. Integral Group is a well-known paddle tennis court manufacturer, which has gained international expertise in this field. It can complete the fields that are required to be built in a short time. During the construction process, Integral Group’s very experienced team makes all plans and schedules by taking into account the ground characteristics of the area. This company has strong business networks all around the world and every year many different products have been exported to diverse countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, France, Spain, Albania, Italy, Russia, the USA, and so on.


Paddle tennis courts are delivered in a short period with the expert and experienced team of Integral Group. Paddle tennis courts are built with infrastructure, ironworks, wire mesh, lighting, artificial turf carpet laying, and tennis net installation. The structure of the court is one of the main differences between paddle and tennis. The paddle tennis court is smaller and well defined by the walls, which play an important role during the game. Because the players make the ball bounce with these walls.

  • According to the rules, the paddle court is 10 meters wide and 20 meters long.
  • The court for tennis is also rectangular but is 23.78 meters long, 8.23 ​​meters wide in singles, and 10.97 meters in doubles. The lines are white and there are no walls on the sides.
  • In tennis, the center is 0.914 meters, the sides are 1.07 meters, in paddle tennis, the middle height of the net is 0.88 meters, the height of the ends is 0.92 meters.

These tennis courts can be made smaller than the area for amateur use, apart from the dimensions of 18m x 36m. Our company has special tennis carpet models for the construction of paddle tennis courts. Their artificial grass tennis carpet models are available from 15mm pile to 30mm pile. However, their 26mm carpet model is generally preferred for tennis artificial grass carpets.


How Is the Construction Process of Paddle Tennis Court?

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Construction stages for a paddle tennis court; pouring concrete, ironworks, wire mesh, lighting, laying synthetic grass carpets, and finally the installation of the tennis net. In the phase of infrastructure works, the floor plan to be built as a tennis court is leveled. The foundation is dug for the beam formwork that will go around the entire perimeter of the field. Afterward mesh is made by using 8 and 12 Q iron bars for the beam. In order to connect the main poles of the fence to be positioned within the perimeter beam, 3” anchor pipes are placed on the scale at regular intervals. Then ready-mixed concrete in the form of BS 20 is poured into the perimeter beam formworks. In order to build a drainage system, drainage channels are opened. The reason for this is to prevent water accumulation on the court. When the field drainage system is completed with the appropriate material, these channels are covered and reset with the ground.

After the drainage system is complete, the floor of the paddle tennis court is covered with gravel filling material. In the construction of synthetic grass paddle tennis courts, concrete can be poured on the substrate as well as asphalt application. Ready-mixed concrete is poured on the crushed stone and polished thoroughly with the “helicopter finishing” method.

 After all these steps, peripheral poles and wire-fence works get started. Vertical pole pipes by welding are attached to the anchor pipes placed on the line, and support pipes are attached to these pipes as upper, middle, and horizontal. Then reinforcement is applied diagonally to the horizontal pipes at all four corners. Vertical reinforcement pipes are installed at regular intervals on the vertical pipes on the four sides of the field. Lighting poles with ladders are placed on the long sides of the tennis court.

Metal-formed halide projectors with 400 W lighting capacity are placed on the lighting poles. The projectors are brought into working condition by laying the electrical infrastructure and installation in a way that can safely meet the energy requirements of the project. Considering the compliance of the court with the standards, the most suitable points for the net rod are determined mutually. After the application of the synthetic grass carpet coating, the poles are fixed in place.

Later wire mesh with 4x4 cm mesh, galvanized by dipping method and PVC coated wire mesh is stretched to the poles around the court, and the entire court is surrounded by a fence. It is also reinforced with the help of steel ropes connected with terminals.


What Is the Importance of the Floor in The Paddle Tennis Court Construction?

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Grass carpet is applied on the concrete floor. A double component polyurethane glue applied cloth is placed on the joints of the artificial turf carpet. Thus, it is ensured that the joints are well adhered to. Court lines are cut in white or yellow in accordance with the wishes and needs of the project owner and placed on the court in accordance with international norms. Tennis court sand, specially produced from silica, is poured onto the synthetic turf carpet that has been applied. With the brushing machine, the sand is thoroughly fed onto the artificial turf and the tennis court is made ready for the competitions. The classification of artificial grass tennis carpet models is made according to the pile lengths, and these products with a pile length of 26 mm are mostly preferred. 

With the use of artificial grass carpet as a flooring system in paddle tennis which is played mostly in the USA, France and Spain, you can obtain excellent rebound and softness performance and ensure the safety of your knee and skin. In addition to these advantages good drainage, anticorrosive, anti-mildew, fastness, and UV resistance are other benefits of this flooring system. Excellent anti-wear performance can increase the frequency of use of the field. On the other hand, an artificial grass carpet flooring system is easy to install and does not require any extra maintenance cost.

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