Things to Consider in Sports Field Construction

Things to Consider in Sports Field Construction

There are some issues to be considered in the construction of sports fields and these issues are vital for sports facilities. It is possible to create better quality structures by focusing on the details that attract attention during the construction of sports clubs or facilities for commercial purposes. In this context, you can make a positive and negative evaluation of your facility by focusing on the details we have prepared for you.

When it comes to sports facilities, there are many valuable options that come to mind. This requires people to be more rigorous to make an accurate assessment. A sports facility can be a tennis court, soccer or hockey field. Different expectations and various features of the sports fields will be very decisive at this point.

In this guide, we will help you to avoid common mistakes by addressing sports facilities in general. In particular, we will eliminate the factors that can negatively affect the use of sports fields.


Things to Consider When Designing Sports Facilities

Sports facilities are areas built by sports clubs or businesses for commercial purposes. It is possible for more than one sports activity to be held together in the facilities. On the other hand, some sports facilities have structures suitable for only one kind of sports. Regardless of the type and size of the sports facility, the important thing here is to focus on the structural features. You can reach the highest quality sports facility features by paying attention to the details below.


Do Not Ignore Transportation

Establishing an indoor or outdoor sports facility is very valuable in terms of creating an attraction center in the environment. Therefore, whatever option is most suitable for you, the facility you will establish should be accessible. Many sports clubs and commercial businesses begin the construction process in order to utilize their existing lands. However, this process, which starts without planning, ends in complete failure.

The fact that sports facilities are far from the city or are difficult to get to makes it impossible for people to choose you. In this case, only thinking about the land will lead to a business failure. Establishing a sports facility at a point where people can easily reach brings commercial and sporting success with it. Because nobody wants the indoor sports facility for which a serious budget has been allocated to be empty. We recommend that you do not forget that transportation difficulties may cause such kind of problems.


Consider The Size of Your Field


When constructing the sports field, the first thing to be considered is the detailed measurements. Why? Because a layout plan is made based on the measurements during the projecting phase. It is emphasized that if the land is not suitable for the measurements, investors should consider alternatives. The fact that the land is not suitable for the size of the sports field may lead to wrong decisions. So, what are these wrong decisions?

The fact that the sports field is a few meters small is not considered to be a big problem at first glance. However, you need to take action without ignoring the dimensions for a quality sports field that meets international standards. You should know that the activities you intend to organize here may be in danger if you do not care about the dimensions of the sports field.

Regardless of whether it is an indoor or outdoor sports facility, it is necessary to focus on the right measurements in every sense. The negativities that this detail will reveal are important enough to make a decision to build a new sports field. In order to avoid such a situation, you should make a healthy decision instead of taking risks.


Indoor Sports Facility is Suitable for All Seasons

When planning sports facilities, most investors think seasonally. For example, for those who want to build a carpet field, the idea that it is profitability only in summer is dominant. However, this is a very wrong opinion. Why?

The indoor sports facility offers quality use in all seasons. If you want to get rid of the negative weather, especially in winter, you should remember that the best thing to do is to design an indoor sports facility. Although it is initially considered more disadvantageous in terms of cost, the indoor sports facility is profitable because it can be used in all seasons.

Start getting acquainted with indoor sports facility options in order to exclude seasonal conditions and spread profitability to every period. The advantages of quality and high standards will support you in eliminating the seasonality problems.


The Land Can Be Rented

Many investors who want to invest in a sports training facility are thought to have to buy a land. However, this thought is quite wrong. If you do not want to buy land, you can rent a land for 49 years and make an investment as you wish. Rent, which is a very valuable alternative especially for those who will invest in sports training facilities, is one of the factors that will support profitability in investment.

This option, which mostly people see risky with the thought that the lessor will take you out of the land after the investment, is actually not that risky. Because making a contract related to the land you will invest on will open the door to more profitable options for you. Then you can take action by choosing a rental land right away. This will be a more profitable and efficient option for you.


Don't Ignore Social Domains

Sports training facilities are not just areas where sports are performed and people watch sports activities. In this context, such areas will also need to be designed in order for those who come to the sports facility to have a pleasant time. At this point, you should remember that the most valuable option will undoubtedly be the cafeteria and other similar areas.

The areas that meet the various needs of the spectators who come to do sports or watch their relatives will increase the quality of the sports facility. In this sense, the sports training facility will attract more attention and reach a higher quality point. If you want to invest in a sports facility, you should definitely consider this frequently overlooked detail.


Plan The Lightning

Lighting is one of the most important things in a sports facility. At this point, you should know that the needs and demands of many facilities may differ. Since inadequate lighting in sports facilities will negatively affect the quality of the competitions, it is extremely important to plan a strong lighting.

You should know that the lighting will be different for outdoor sports facilities and indoor sports facilities. In particular, we recommend that you plan the type of lighting that will be preferred in order to ensure successful use of the space. It is also very valuable to have the lighting option that will not be damaged easily while planning.


Grass Type to Be Used In The Sports Field

If you have designed all the details in the sports field correctly, you should remember that the last and most important detail is related to the floor. Because you should know that the smallest error on the ground will affect sports activities negatively. So, what kind of road map should be followed when choosing grass?

When choosing a lawn, you should consider environmental factors, the ideal lawn size for the sporting event to take place, and some other structural factors. If it is thought that the grass will be used in a sport that will cause contact with a lot of wear, great attention should be paid to the durability detail.

Considering all the details stated above, it is possible to understand what the best quality and successful options are. Sports training facility design and implementation is very easy for people unfamiliar with this. However, when you consider the difficulties encountered during the implementation and the elements that are likely to be overlooked, it is not easy to install a successful project.

If you do not want to leave your job up to chance, you can open the door to the best quality solutions by contacting us. The key to establishing a successful sports field is through a successful business partner. For detailed information and details, you can contact us at +90 212 678 13 13 or visit our website

24 April 2021

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