What Are The Most Preferred Sports Fields In The World?

What Are The Most Preferred Sports Fields In The World?

In terms of sports field turf carpet types, outdoor carpet field construction reveals different costs with different criteria. Whether the prices of artificial turf used in the carpet field are vertebrate or not, it shows itself in different prices within the scope of fibril or monofilament production. On the other hand, the use of LED lighting within the scope of lighting operations in the carpet field also creates a difference in cost in the carpet field's construction. Along with the granules thrown on artificial turf, the high quality of these granules is gray or green, revealing different costs for the sports field in terms of price.


What is Artificial Grass?

Sports field grass has taken its place among the products used in many areas for the last. There are different features and advantages in artificial grass models, also called artificial grass or fake grass. Artificial grass carpet is a type of carpet woven with a machine called tufting. Artificial turf preparations are available in different shades and many different varieties with female or long yarn natural or synthetic appearance. For this reason, it will be straightforward to get the artificial turf you need. Artificial turf is very easy to maintain.

Contrary to natural grasses, these grasses do not need to be watered and mowed. For this reason, water is not consumed, and there are no problems related to the maintenance of the lawn. The only thing to do with artificial turf care is clean the salt inside and wash only the dirty parts. It has a very durable structure. It has a useful life of up to 25 years under proper storage conditions. Artificial turf is a long-term investment product. Sports field turf grass is a beneficial and advantageous product. It has a perfect appearance in terms of appearance. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf always has a new and fresh look.

Artificial turf always maintains its green and fresh appearance. It has an intense green color and the same texture and thread height. Artificial turf is woven with specially made yarns with green tones, and artificial turf models are presented to the user in two different ways. These models are ordered as monofilament, and fibrillated models are on sale with many different types of artificial grass from 5 millimeters to 70 millimeters.


What is a Sports Field? What Kind of Artificial Grass Carpet Types Are Used?


What is a sports field? The answer to the question; They are open or closed areas where various sports competitions take place. The types of artificial turf used in these areas generally vary according to their purpose. Many different types of artificial grass are used for decorative and sportive purposes. The prominent disadvantage is the price of artificial turf. High-quality artificial grass prices are more expensive than natural grass. However, artificial turf, which will pay for itself over time, will give you the return on the investment made.

Because artificial turf does not want to mow and water, there is no need to spend money on artificial turf constantly. If artificial turf varieties are opened, you can request maintenance and repair. All of our products have been approved by FIFA, and all the sports fields we do are owned by FIFA as sports authority field. Our artificial turf varieties provide the opportunity to use for many years. Among the artificial turf types, there are also artificial turf types used for landscaping.


Artificial Grass Used for Sports Purposes

Artificial turf carpet types used for sportive purposes are obtained from monofilament and fibrillated yarns. Artificial turf models used for sportive purposes are preferred in areas where many sports are performed, such as football fields, tennis courts, multi-purpose sports fields, hockey fields, and golf courses. In addition, the use of artificial turf carpet models is an application accepted by many sports federations. Artificial turf carpets for football fields can have a thread length of 40 millimeters, 50 millimeters, 55 millimeters, and 60 millimeters. The features of artificial turf carpets that will be preferred for tennis courts are in the range of 20 millimeters, 22 millimeters, 26 millimeters, and 30 millimeters.

Artificial turf for multi-purpose fields is grass carpet types with a thread length of 20 millimeters, 22 millimeters, 26 millimeters, and 30 millimeters. Artificial turf used in golf courses, on the other hand, have thread lengths of 10 and 15 millimeters.


How to Lay Artificial Grass Carpet?


For the artificial turf carpets to be laid correctly on the floor, the material on the floor must be completely emptied. Synthetic-covered artificial turf roll should be lowered to the ground as accurately as possible. If possible, it is necessary to use a pin forklift, most of which are 10 centimeters in diameter and 3 millimeters long. Artificial turf rugs can be placed on a solid foundation or gravel and sand foundations. After preparing the substrate in artificial turf laying, the preparation process of the roller rollers is started. In this process, the order of the places must be followed. After the spread is completed, it should lie in this way for at least 10 hours.

In this way, the grass is filled, and the tension of the previous shape where the materials were stored is also relieved. It should provide a precise and smooth fit at the joints of artificial grass roll paths. The various parts are then glued together. To do this, the edges of the grass must be cleaned; then, each canvas edge is opened, and then the connection band is placed. A spatula and two-component glue are used in this process. Any accidentally twisted fibers should be removed until the glue has reached the correct consistency.


Artificial Grass Prices

The prices of artificial turf are among the most important issues that those who want to have this model have researched. Today, artificial turf, which has many features, is produced and offered by different companies. Artificial turf is in high demand and products with intensive use. The prices of artificial turf vary according to the model feature and usage area of the product.

Artificial turf is an extremely high-quality product. This quality product costs a little more than natural grass. However, over time, the investment made for artificial drinking will be paid for. There is no need to spend money continuously on artificial turf that does not require maintenance costs.

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