How to Build Sports Hall?

How to Build Sports Hall?

Sports hall is a long process, but the process from the construction of the sports hall to its completion is quite grueling. In the construction of sports hall, it is necessary to save both time and optimize the cost. Therefore, it will be very good for you to work with an experienced and expert team in order to realize the issues we have mentioned easily and quickly. As Integral Spor, we make this process very fast and simple for you with our experienced and expert team.

As İntegral Spor, we are building sports complex, indoor and outdoor football fields, multi-purpose sports halls, indoor and outdoor sports halls, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf courses, portable sports flooring, multi-purpose sports flooring and many other sports facilities for our valued customers. As Integral Spor, with our experienced and expert team, we have many customers not only in our country, but also from many different countries such as England, America, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Morocco and Russia, and we work with many countries abroad. If you also want to work with us and want to have sports hall built, you can contact us and consult us on any issue that comes to your mind.


Outdoor and Indoor Sports Hall

As Integral Spor, together with our expert and experienced team, we meet the needs of sports facilities in our country and in many parts of the world for our valued customers. For this reason, we have built many indoor sports hall and outdoor sports hall.

Integral Spor works with expert engineering and Ar-Ge units on the design of indoor sports halls and attracts the attention of sports clubs, ministries and federations with its unique designs.

In the construction of indoor sports halls, the planning process must be completed first. Afterwards, the most important step, the needs assessment, should be done. To give an example, questions such as what kind of sports hall does a sports club need or what kind of a sport hall should a school have and what features should it have should be answered. After all these questions are answered, a plan is drawn digitally by our expert teams, and then this plan is put on paper. As the last step, the construction of the indoor sports hall is started very quickly and effectively.indoor-sports-hall

There are many important factors in indoor sports hall planning. We can list these important factors as follows:

  • Determining who will use the sports hall and for what purpose.
  • Availability of an expert and experienced team in the indoor sports hall plan drawing.
  • Project Manager
  • Architect

Considering all these issues, establishing or opening sports hall is a process that needs to be done meticulously and should be given great care. Depending on the sport performed by the athletes, we can face dangers in any sports hall. For this reason, it is very important to work with an experienced and expert team. Because an experienced and expert team will minimize the dangers that will arise. By working with us as Integral Spor, you can have sports halls that will provide 100% quality and safety. If you want to get information about indoor sports hall design, indoor sports hall dimension and indoor sports hall surfaces you can contact us.


Indoor Sports Hall Flooring

Indoor sports hall flooring is very important in terms of sports activities. Because sports hall floor coverings are one of the factors that directly affect the performance and the safety of the athlete. When a possible accident occurs, injuries occur to the athlete's muscles or bones. Therefore, a flexible, soft and high quality floor will be protective against accidents that may occur due to falls.


As Integral Spor, we design many floors for sports activities. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. One of the most important criteria regarding which material and which floor covering will be used is the sports branch and the other is whether the saports hall is open or closed. We produce PU floors, parquet floors and PVC floors for use in indoor sports halls.We can list the indoor sports hall flooring types produced by Integral Spor as follows:


1. PVC Indoor Sports Flooring

PVC sports flooring is an excellent material for indoor sports hall flooring. PVC flooring is resistant to all kinds of impacts. It reduces the sound transmission very easily. It has a very hygienic, comfortable and flexible structure. Although maintenance and cleaning are very easy on PVC coated sports floors, the costs associated with them are also very low. It can be used for many years due to its high wear resistance.


2. PU Indoor Sports Flooring

These floors, which you will prefer for your indoor sports halls, can be made between 10-13 mm and consist of 4 layers. It has a comfortable and hygienic structure. Athletes perform a safe game on this ground as well as on other ground. Wear resistance is high. It is antibacterial and very easy to clean. Thanks to its matte finish, it completely prevents light reflections and increases performance. Even if heavy objects press on the ground, it is not affected in any way.


3. Hardwood Floor Indoor Sports Hall Flooring

It is produced in 50-65mm thickness and consists of 4 main layers. The parquet floors produced by Integral Spor are solid oak or maple. Ball bounce is produced by adjusting in accordance with FIBA ​​standards. It has been used for many years due to its high wear resistance. Thanks to the sports done on this ground, the game performance of the athletes increases.

If you want to have a sports hall and have it set up quickly, you can contact us. If you want to get detailed information about sport hall prices and indoor sports hall cost, you can fill out the form below and create a request or contact us.

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