Installation and Stages of Tennis Court, Used Materials and Costs 

Installation and Stages of Tennis Court, Used Materials and Costs 

Tennis is more preferred in indoor areas. However, this sport is now played both indoors and outdoors. There are a lot of injury hazards in tennis. For this reason, tennis court installations should be very important. It is aimed to minimize falls and injuries. This, in turn, means paying attention to the materials that will be used on the floor or wall. Tennis court floor and wall coverings should be high-quality materials.

Tennis court floor is usually covered with different materials. Floors prepared in this way minimize injuries. In addition, these materials also reduce the sounds that occur in tennis.

Tennis Court Materials We Export to Countries Such As Dubai, Canada and Argentina

Artificial Grass Tennis Court 

The artificial grass tennis court is one of the first types of court. Due to its budget and easy implementation, these floors are also frequently used in other places. It is also used by International Tennis Federation (ITF). It attracts customers aesthetically with its safe and soft materials. However, artificial grass floors are safe to play on as they are elastic. It is also preferred outdoor as they are favorable for weather conditions and does not need much maintenance.

These floors are durable, no matter where you use them. You can prefer them for outdoor and indoor areas. Due to external conditions, it is not affected so much. For a successful result in such a possible situation, you can carry out maintenance.

Acrylic Floor Tennis Court

tennis-courts -installation

The acrylic floor is one of the most common types of flooring used for tennis courts floor. This material is used with cushioned or not cushioned. This, in turn, makes it difficult to separate the floor and makes the floor durable. In addition to being durable, acrylic floors in tennis courts are also preferred because they do not require maintenance. In addition, this material ensures that the court has a non-slip floor. This condition is very important for the health of tennis players.

The acrylic tennis court flooring process requires painstaking work. The reason is to provide a non-slip floor. A non-slip floor means reducing sports injuries. Tennis manufacturers prefer this ground. Competitions are also held on these types of floors. Acrylic flooring is applied in indoor tennis courts. 

Soil Floor Covering Tennis Court

Soil floor covering tennis courts are not very preferred in recent years because they are not suitable for many types of sports. It has many disadvantages. In the installation of a soil floor covering the tennis court, the floor is soil. In this way, we have a floor that needs to be maintained. And this type of floor is not much preferred because it is not useful. Because it is a soft floor, the ball bounces more slowly. Soil floor tennis court costs much more but it is healthy and less dangerous for tennis players. Because it has a flexible and soft floor.

Natural Grass Tennis Court

Natural grass tennis courts are preferred for professional competitions. But in recent years, these types of tennis courts are not preferred because of the costs of maintenance. Because it is natural material just like soil floor tennis courts, it requires more care and therefore, requires much more money for maintenance as well.

Tartan Tennis Court

Tartan coating is one of the most common flooring methods for tennis courts. Although it is durable, it is quite difficult to apply. But it still has many advantages for you to choose this material. It is elastic and non-slip. It is UV- protected and reduces noise by absorbing sound. You can buy with many color options also. 

Tennis Court Floor Covering 

Tennis court floor covering materials must be durable for a long time. Acrylic materials are usually applied for this condition. This makes the floor more durable and useful. Tennis can be used in a short time after the floor covering process is applied and finished. But this process should be done by professionals for the health of athletes.

Tennis court floor materials are generally produced suitable for indoor and outdoor as well. These materials must be resistant to weather conditions, cold and heat. Tennis court floor covering prevents getting wet and slippery. In this way, we try to prevent athletes from falling, sliding, and injuries. You can also choose these floors as they will be suitable for your budget.

Cost of Tennis Court Installation and Floor Types


First, sports court flooring materials may require quite imported products. The economy also plays an important role in this process. In addition, other factors are taken into account when determining the total price. For this reason, an exact price cannot be calculated. Other factors include:

  • Place To Build
  • Ground
  • Synthetic Floor Quality
  • Tennis Court Size
  • Quality


Tennis Court Prices

In addition to tennis court installation cost, tennis courts prices are also wondered. Factors encountered in the court cost calculation process are also present here. Depending on the application and product quality, many changes can occur in the total price. Contact us to get information about the exact price. 

How Much Do Companies That Install Tennis Courts Pay Charge In Brazil, Turkey, and Iraq 

There are many companies having tennis courts. In general, the prices of the tennis court we are looking at are quite close to each other. But like our company, we aim to offer you the best price. Our goal is to sell the highest quality materials at the most affordable price and gain customer satisfaction. Before starting work, we recommend that you research the cost and prices of the tennis court. We are sure that you will prefer our company and our high-quality products. Contact us and get detailed information.

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